“She loved it up here: I come up every day to talk to her; when I die I am going to be buried here too.”

In 1985 June Goodfield visited Nevis for the first time. One morning, shortly after sunrise, she walked up Saddle Hill where she met a gentle dignified Nevisian who showed her a tomb on his land bearing only the name of Philippa Prentis Phillips and her date of death, 11th August 1683. His words started June on a fascinating quest to discover more and find out why he held such deep feelings for a woman whose descendants might well have owned his ancestors as slaves? Philippa had to be one of the first women ever to go to Nevis. But who was she? Where was she born? And why did she come? After several years of painstaking research, June revealed Philippa's romantic story and in her latest historical mystery, 'Rivers of Time', answered these questions.

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We have exciting news: an option has been taken to produce a theatrical film about Philippa's story. In November 2010 director, Justin Hardy, and screenplay writer, Tina Pepler, will be on Nevis with the author, June Goodfield, for a major reconnaissance trip.

“Biography, autobiography, history – this is a moving story, beautifully told – a compulsive read.” Edna Healey

Pub January 2011. Pre-order now:

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Philippa Prentis Phillips' tomb stone on Saddle Hill, Nevis