June Goodfield was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. Originally a scientist, she took her Doctorate in the History of Science and at the age of 45, left academe and launched on a career of writing.

President and Founder of the Anglo-American International Health & Biomedicine, she travelled widely around the world writing books and making three successful television series. She now lives in Alfriston, East Sussex, where she is Chairman of the Alfriston & Cuckmere Valley Historical Association. She finds history an inspiring and consoling subject and is fascinated by what is being discovered about the beautiful valley and village in which she lives.

She lives in a 15th century house, and likes walking, gardening, dogs, travelling by train, music and young people. Recently she has co-authored three books that she and Peter Robinson (fifty seven years younger) were commissioned to write on the story of three famous Sussex estates. Amongst her favourite authors are P D James, John Le Carre, Lynne Truss, Virginia Nicholson and all good biographers!

Basically she is attracted by a narrative – history as seen through the lives of people. One essential requirement is that she is made to think as she reads.

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June Goodfield, with Finn and Harry, during one of her many visits to Nevis over the past 25 years.

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Philippa's grave on Saddle Hill