Missing pieces

In spite of the years of research and magnificent help from professional historians, archaeologists, geologists and archivists, there are still gaps in this story, and we would be grateful for any help towards filling them.

First, we know that there are many Prentises alive today, on Nevis, and from Nevis. But we would love to learn more about them. When you have read this book and if you believe you have connections, please contact us.

We are particularly interested in details about Eliza Prentis who was born in Nevis in 1811 and came to England and lived out her life in the small village of Hazelton in the Cotswolds. She died in Cheltenham and her will is most revealing for she had many interesting friends and contacts. We would love to know more about her.

One of our biggest gaps is with Clement Prentis. The Prentis family comes from East Anglia though there was a branch in Scotland. Many went to America, but so far we have been unable to pinpoint our Clement, Philippa's first husband. Many emigrants who left East Anglia simply walked down to Ipswich or other places, boarded a ship and left. Not passing through London, Bristol or Plymouth, in early years they evaded the compulsory recording of their names.

Finally, Roland Archibald told the author that he had relatives in Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield. His granddaughter told me there were others in Norwich and East Anglia. Are you amongst them? If so, please get in touch.

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Eliza Prentise's gravestone

Roland Archibald, aged 88

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Philippa's grave on Saddle Hill