Nevis’ place in history

Nevis is famous not only for warm seas, beautiful beaches, but a heap of additional reasons that cover British royalty, Lord Nelson, Alexander Hamilton, no casinos, controlled tourism and delightful people.

Lord Nelson

Following the American War of Independence Lord Nelson was stationed there with orders to stop American goods being imported into the islands in exchange for sugar. His decisive actions were hugely unpopular and consequently when Prince William, the Captain of HMS Pegasus, turned up everything changed. The two men became close friends and at Nelson's wedding on 11th March 1787, Prince William gave the bride away.

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury, and a Founding Father of the country. He was born on Nevis and educated in the Thirteen Colonies of the USA. During the American Revolutionary War, he was senior aide-de-camp and confidant to General George Washington. An admirer of British political systems, Hamilton emphasized strong central government.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Two hundred years later another close connection developed with the British royal family, when another Prince William visited. In 1993, Diana, Princess of Wales, recently separated from Prince Charles, brought her young sons for a two-week visit. They stayed at Montpelier Plantation Inn, an elegant hotel built in the grounds of one of the oldest plantations on the island – where much of the action in Rivers of Time is set – and very close to Montepelier House where Lord Nelson married Fannie Nisbet. Princess Diana and her sons were far more popular with the locals than either the previous Prince William or Lord Nelson had ever been and her memory is still poignantly cherished.

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19th century painting of Charles Town, Nevis, by H C Trery

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Philippa's grave on Saddle Hill