Nevis today

In the autumn 2008 Nevis and St Kitts celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Granting of Independence.

In the last 30 or so years, after a period of difficult and economic decline, Nevis has prospered due to several factors. One, of course, is the tourist industry which has built some excellent hotels, and in the absence of both casinos and an airport that can take jumbos jets, has retained a gentle but welcoming tranquility. The people are friendly and happy to share their island. One word of warning: as on other Caribbean islands, the rum punches can be lethal!

Many Nevisians returned from living abroad as the economy picked up. But many still live in the USA, Canada and the UK.

There are several local associations, both on Nevis and in the UK, USA and Canada, and most do remarkable work in supporting educational and health programmes on Nevis.

All in all a lovely place.

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Nevis Peak from Montpelier

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Philippa's grave on Saddle Hill