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James Henderson

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You can feel the work of the historian in the background, drawing on extensive research and understanding to paint life in the early days of Nevis, when the small colony struggled for survival but gradually grew into a successful settlement.

See The Definitive Caribbean Guide for the full review of Rivers of Time by travel journalist and author, James Henderson.

Hon Joseph Parry

Premier of Nevis

A masterpiece.

Ray Hatley


This lovely book is beautifully presented, meticulously researched and a superb example for all historians to follow. Moreover, it is beautifully written and having taken it to bed to read I was hooked from the first chapter and finished it at 4am. Highly recommended!

Kevin Gordon

Sussex Express

Can you fall in love with someone who you have never met? Philippa Prentis Phillips is a woman who is loved today even though she died in 1683. She is loved by local people on the Caribbean island of Nevis where she died, by the author of "Rivers of Time" who lives thousands of miles away and now by me.

I knew "Rivers of Time" would be scrupulously well researched. However, Dr Goodfield has also revealed something of her own personality and what comes through most is her sheer tenacity. She has delved into archives around the world and not allowed apparent dead-ends to dissuade her.

This fascinating story will enthral those with an interest in history or travel and anyone who has ever conducted any family history research. This is a true genealogical romance. Will you fall under Philippa's spell too? I know I did."

Edna Healey

The reader is caught by the urgency of the author's need to know who Philippa was and why she was buried in the ravishingly beautiful spot on Saddle Hill. This is a haunting story which touches life at many points. It is a biography, pieced together from painstaking research to reveal the fortunes of one unimportant woman on her journey from poverty in Devon to the challenges of a new life across the ocean.

But it is also an autobiography. The author's love of the island and its people, her powerful need to resurrect the unknown and long-buried Philippa, together with her determination and tenacity in creating a life and character from a mere handful of facts, make compulsive reading. It may be, as she herself suggests, that she needed this all-compelling pursuit at a very difficult time of her own life. Biography, autobiography, history, this is a moving story, beautifully told.

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Philippa's grave on Saddle Hill